The Lethbridge 10000 exhibition opening night was held last night and the winner announced. Congratulations to Claire Toms for her artwork “Two Hearts”.

While my wife and I were browsing all the spectacular pieces I ran into Marcel Desbiens. Earlier this the year I attended classes and a workshop conducted by Master artist Marcel Desbiens at his Albion studio. I took the opportunity to have this photo taken of the two of us with my painting “A Night Time Story”. If it was’t for the fantastic tuition of Marcel I doubt I would have made it to the finalist exhibition at all.

In this post I thought I would share a couple of pieces I produced as part of the Brisbane Painting Classes held under Marcel’s excellent guidance.

Introduction and Level 1 Oil Painting Course

The first piece is a simple apple that you end up completing in the Introduction to Oils class after just 4 sessions. Marcel makes the painting process simple for anyone at any skill level. The first few weeks you learn theory where you are introduced to the basics:

how to get the right paint consistency using medium; the use tones; mixing colours, producing your own colour wheel, and; blending techniques, learning the differences between the Flemish and Venetian methods. At each session you do practical activities to put the theory into practice so you have something completed each day.

Landscape in Oils workshop

I also attended a workshop “Landscape in Oils”. This was an exceptional workshop where Marcel teaches you about composition and atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed the subject matter Marcel had chosen for us. It was of the Olga’s or more correctly named “Kata Tjuta” in the background and tumble weed in the foreground.

I had a wonderful time learning from Marcel and will be attending more of his workshops in the future. I can thoroughly recommend Brisbane Painting Classes to anyone. You do not need to be concerned about what painting experience you have as it is a non-threatening, very comfortable environment. Everyone I have met there has always been supportive and extremely easy to get along with.