Just like Gaudi, the famous painter Vincent Willem van Gogh loved nature. Nowhere is this more evident than in Arles, a beautiful city in Southern France. The city carries a lot of van Gogh’s memories, both good and bad. It is here that he created a new approach to local landscapes and still lifes. His paintings became brighter in color, and his subject matter was broadened to include white fields, sunflowers and olive trees.


Here, it is said he completed more than two hundred paintings and did more than one hundred drawings and watercolors. The local landscape and the light, as shown in his work, enchanted him. The paintings of harvests, green rural landscapes and the wheat fields were magnificent. It is said that the portrayal of Arles was greatly influence by his Dutch upbringing. His appreciation of nature is shown by the excellent use of color. The Yellow house, a place he leased for some time, is evidence of his creativity. Hotel Carrel and Café de la Gare (Café Terrace at Night) also bear his history. They are places where he established his studio and made some of his greatest works. Here, he displayed a series of painting, including the Bedroom in Arles, Café Terrace at Night, Still life: Vase with twelve sunflowers, and van Gogh’s chair, among other stunning works.

I can’t say enough good things about this book: Van Gogh: Complete Works. First, the photos of the artwork are outstanding. But here’s the thing. I appreciate Van Gogh’s paintings so much more now having read the book.


It is a pity that a man who has thousands of works to his name had to end his life this way. In his time, people described him as a mad man and a failure, but after his death he became very famous and today his name is highly regarded in the art world. In his lifetime he suffered from psychotic episodes and displayed delusional behavior. He was mentally unstable and often neglected his health. His friendship with another great artist, Gaugin, did not go well. They were always quarreling and at one time, in a rage, van Gogh threatened him with a razor. van Gogh spent some time in a psychiatric hospital with his conditions. In July 1890, van Gogh killed himself. He used a revolver to shoot himself in the chest, and two days later he died from the injuries.

van Gogh is a great inspiration, his work depicts high levels of creativity, and his influence in the art world is unrivalled. Arles is one place that will always be so dear to my heart. It will always remind me of the great work and tribulations that artists endure. It presents valuable lessons and great examples that can positively influence one’s life.

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