When you think about the magnificent buildings of Barcelona, the first name that should come to mind is the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. I asked my guide in Barcelona why Gaudi commands so much respect even though he lived almost two centuries ago. Every building in the wonderful city of Barcelona owes its beauty to this great architect. There are many buildings designed by Gaudi himself. Many other buildings that borrow heavily from his style. Gaudi’s unique architectural designs are revered around the world.

Gaudi’s works were not so much influenced by other architects, but rather by forms in nature. Looking at most of his construction you cannot fail to notice they have an organic quality. He used nature as the basic influence for his creativity. The naturally curved building stones, twisted iron sculptures and shapes which depict organic nature, characterize Gaudi’s architecture.

The Sagrada Familia and the Facade of Casa Batllo, are great examples of architecture inspired by nature. The balconies resemble skulls while the windows are like bones. Looking closely, I could not fail to notice that the multicoloured tiles used decorating the walls were taken from natural corals.


The Sagrada Familia, also known as the unfinished church, was stunning. I had never seen anything like it before. I wondered why it is referred to as the unfinished church. To me, it seemed complete, a magnificent beauty I marvelled at for its enormous size and creativity that had been put into it. I would advise anyone who plans to visit to book their ticket in advance. This will help save time.

Apart from the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s undeniably greatest work, and the most visited site in the city, I recommend visiting the Park Guell, located in La Salut, Gracia. It is an amazing park with stunning architectural work. I am definitely planning another trip to Barcelona. We could not get enough of it and I hope next time I visit the Sagrada Familia will be complete.

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There are beautiful picture in this wonderful book Antonio Gaudi: Master Architect.